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VB Out & About: 2011 All Star Game

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volleyballMN ALL STAR GAME, St. Cloud State, Wednesday, 7.27.2011

RED 3, BLUE 2 (24-26, 25-20, 22-25, 25-21, 15-7)

The Reds won the 2011 All Star game in five sets over the Blues on Wednesday night. The Reds rallied

from a 2-1 deficit to take the crown. Actually the Blues rallied in sets one and three late for their only wins of the night. The Blues attempted rallies late in each of the sets they lost, but the Reds held the line. The Reds took big leads in the final sets The Red's Felicia Ulrich (East Ridge) won the Fogelberg MVP award with her 18 kill performance including 8 in the last two sets.

In the first set each team used a run to take the lead. The Blues struck first with three straight to lead 3-1, but the Reds responded with four of their own to reclaim an early lead. The next run came for the Blues with four points to go in front 15-12. They would maintain that lead out to 21-19 when Amanda Feils got a first serve side out kill for the Reds. She then proceeded to serve four straight points and forced the Blues to take consecutive time outs at 23-21, and 24-21.The second time out did the trick with a Red hitting error sending the ball back to Blue. The Blues held off set point three times with Alyssa Netzke serving up four straight points. Chandra Honebrink had a block sandwiched around two kills to end the set 26-24.

The main feature of the second set was a string of missed serves rare for an all star game. There were six missed serves, four in a row, in seven attempts. Once both teams got that virus out of their system neither team missed another serve. Red led 12-9 at this stage. The Blues tied it up at 16. Ulrich delivered a kill that led to seven unanswered Red points. Ulrich added a block and kill in the sequence. Also the Blues tried to turn the tide with a pair of time outs. That didn't work this time. The Blues again made a late stand holding off three set points before an error tied the match up at one apiece.

Both teams enjoyed plenty of runs in the third set (9 altogether) which meant the first serve side out game was breaking down. The Reds opened the third with three straight points. The Blues, behind Netzke and two aces, tied the game up at five. The Reds came right back with four straight of their own to go in front 9-5. The Blues tied the game at 12 with a 6-1 run. That in turn led to a 5-1 run by the  Reds for a 17-13 lead. The Blues took their first lead after five unanswered points 18-17. The Reds regained the led with their fourth run of the set 22-20. A Blue time out halted that momentum and Alyssa Taylor started a five point run with a kill and a block, and then finished it with two kills to put the Blues up 2-1.

The Blues may have used up their energy in that comeback because they never led in set four or five. The runs in this set were cut in half compared to the extravagent third set, from 9 to 4. The Reds first run of three put them up 7-2. Time and again in the fourth set the Reds turned to their lefts for terminations. Ulrich and Courtney Ysker each had five kills in this set. At the widest the Reds led 17-8. Four points by the Blues cut the margin to five. Ulrich and then Sara Schmidt knocked down kills for the Reds which forced a Blues time out. The Reds stretched the lead back to seven at 21-14. The spector of another Blues comeback was real after four straight points, but three of them came on Red hitting errors. Still it forced a Red time out at 21-18. The Blues had to burn their final time out after an Ulrich kill at 23-20. Maggie Gruber responded after the time out with a kill for the Reds. The Blues held off set point one time before Gruber sent the match to a fifth set with a block.

Ulrich had a hand in the first three points for the Reds in the fifth set. Ulrich and Gruber combined on a block to open the scoring. She then slammed home an overpass kill for a 2-0 lead. The difference in this set was the first serve side out game for the Reds. The prevented any Blue point off serve for their first four cracks. The Reds enjoyed a 6-1 and 10-2 lead when the Blues called time out and stopped the march. Honebrink came up with three straight kills to close the gap to 13-7, but a serving error put the Reds one point closer and a hitting error ended the night.

you can see the entire Red vs Blue photo gallery at

rotation, player, position, aces-blocks-kills--totals
1. #2 Courtney Ysker, Windom, OH 1-1-10-----12
2. #11 Kendra Weege, Mayer Lutheran, S 4-0-4----8

3. #12 Amanda Feils, Wabasha-Kellogg, MH 0-0.5-3-----3.5
3. #8 Maggie Gruber, BBE, MH 1-3-7 ----10
4. #5 Felicia Ulrich, East Ridge, OH 1-3.5-18-----22.5
5. #2 Taya Kockelman, Minneota, S 1-0-9-----10
5. #5 Julie Hieserich, BBE, S 0-0-0----0
6. #6 Cory Gilbertson, Moorhead, L 0-0-0----0
6. #16 Jordan Price, Byron, L 0-0-0----0
6. #14 Sara Schmidt, Mayer Lutheran, MH 0-2-7----9
totals: 8-10-58-----76 points, 35 points on Blue errors

There were different line ups Below is set 1
1. #3 Courtney Volkmann, Wadena-Deer Creek, S 1-0-6----7
2. #6 Alyssa Taylor, Martin County West, MH 0-1-15----16
3. #4 Alyssa Netzke, Marshall, L 4-0-0-----4
3. #3 Cheyenne Briese, GFW, OH 0-0-3-----3
3. #6 Lauren Williams, Heritage, OH, 0-1.5-4----5.5

4. #7 Jena Budde, Bethlehem Academy, S, 0-0-1----1
5. #11 Kayla Tronick, Hutchinson, MH, 0-3-10----13
6. #13 Chandra Honebrink, Waconia, OH, 1-2-13-----16
Other line ups were
Set 2 Volkmann, Taylor, Netzke, Budde, Tronick, Honebrink
Set 3: Volkmann, Nass, Netzke, Budde, Tronick, Honebrink
Set 4: Netzke, Briese, Williams, Tronick, Honebrink, Budde
totals: 6-8-52------66 points, 33 points on Red errors


Jordan Price 14
Courtney Ysker 11
Kendra Weege 10
Felicia Ulrich 8
Cory Gilbertson 8
Maggie Gruber 4
Julie Hieserich 4
Taya Kcokelman 3
Amanda Feils 2
Sara Schmidt 1
totals: 65

Victoria Nass 18
Alyssa Netzke 17
Jenna Budde 7
Courtney Volkmann 6
Chandra Honebrink 6
Cheyenne Briese 4
Lauren Williams 3
Alyssa Taylor 3
Kayla Tronick 3
totals:  67

Felicia Ulrich

Red 14-17-17-18-10
Blue 16-10-20-14-6

team, fbso/fbso attempts; fbso %; points, % earned; % allowed
Red 41/59-.695; 111, .685; .333
Blue 28/59-.476; 99,  .667; .315
runs 3+
: Red 12, Blue 12
string: Red 7,  Blue 4
missed serves: Red 12, Blue 12
time outs: Blue  5/9-.556; Red 1/3-.333
set point %: Blue 2/2-1.000; Red 3/10-.300


1. 17-14 .548
2. 30-18 .625
3. 23-26 .469
4. 16-11 .593
5. 16-17 .485
6. 9-14 .391
totals: 111-100 .526

1. 18-15 .545
2. 17-34 .333
3. 21-19 .525
4. 19-17 .528
5. 9-15 .375
6. 16-10 .615
totals:100-110  .476

set 5 10 15 20 25
2 R R R R R
3 R R R B B
4 R R R R R
5 R R R

Team 1 2 3 4 5
3 7 5 9 9
Blue 3 2 3 0 0

Red Left 34.5; Middle 22.5; Right 18
Blue Left 28.5; Middle 29; Right 8

Red: total 58---Kills (.621); Serving Errors (.119); Hitting Errors (.103); BHE/V (.086)
Blue: total 58-----Kills (.534);  Serving Errors (.207); Hitting Errors/Blocks (.138); BHE/V (.121)

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