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Badminton State Seeds

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birdieThe Seeds are out for the Team portion of the 2012 State Badminton Tournament. The action begins

on Monday at two sites, moves to Tuesday with four sites and then culminates in the championship event at Burnsville. Thursday the individual portion of the state tournament with singles and doubles get underway at Eden Prairie.

starting times will vary, but


#18 Minneapolis Washburn at #15 Minneapolis Roosevelt
#17 Minneapolis North at #16 Minneapolis Edison


The winners at each site will face each other about 20 minutes after the conclusion of the first match.

@#1 St. Paul Johnson
Winner of North/Edison match vs #1 St. Paul Johnson
#8 Eden Prairie vs #9 St. Paul Washington

@ #4 St. Paul Central
#4 St. Paul Central vs #13 Hmong Academy
#5 St. Paul Highland Park vs  #12 Minneapolis South------this match will feature the two city singles champions.

@ #3 Burnsville
#3 Burnsville vs #14 Minneapolis Southwest
#6 Edina vs  #11 St. Paul Humboldt

@ #2 St. Paul Harding
Winner of the Washburn/Roosevelt match vs #2 St. Paul Harding
#7 St. Paul Como Park vs #10 Minneapolis Henry

@ Burnsville
#1 vs #4 winners
#2 vs #3 winners


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