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Home Out & Abouts: Badminton Badminton Out & About: Eden Prairie vs Edina 3.20.2017

Badminton Out & About: Eden Prairie vs Edina 3.20.2017

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Eden Prairie, who finished second in the

Edina Invitational on Saturday, returned to Edina on Monday to defeat the Hornets 5-2. The Eagles, who were without #1 singles Ashley Nelson, swept the singles. Edina took the odd doubles. The Hornets were up 5-2 after one set, but finished 1-3 in the matches that stretched out to the full distance.

Edina is 1-1 on the year. This was the first time out for EP.

1. Avery Schu, EP def Mia Coma 21-15, 21-18
2. Sanjana Seethamraju, EP def Talia Brejland 9-21, 21-18, 21-17
3. Katie Terrance, EP def Johanna Engstrom 21-12, 21-10
4. Kayla Stadem, EP def Charlotte Everist 14-21, 21-13, 21-3

1. Sydney Sabow/Ella Kile, E def Nadia Shaarawi/Amanda Polanski 21-10, 21-13
2. Sydney Ruesink/Roshina Mohamed Rafee, EP def Maren Naegele/Ellie Weidner 19-21, 23-21, 21-10
3. Lindsey Lundberg/Olivia LaLuzerne, E def Rachel Ruhlin/Caroline Odegard 21-16, 21-23, 21-15

: Eden Prairie 4-0 1.000
Games: 8-2 .800
points: 191-148 .563
decided by 10+: 2-1 .667
decided by 3-: 2-0 1.000
margin: 4.30
Edina 2-1 .667
GamesEdina 5-3 .625
pointsEdina 157-140 .529
decided by 10+: split 1-1 .500
decided by 3-: Eden Prairie 2-1 .667
marginEdina 2.13


avery SCHU 2, mia COMA 0
(21-15, 21-18)

Avery Schu, who stepped up from second singles to fill in for Ashley Nelson, took two sets from Mia Coma. This was not a new experience for Schu, who played at number one singles all of last year and twice beat the #1 Hornet in the spring of 2016. Her record, from what I was sent was 3-8. This is a new venture for Coma. Last year she was part of a doubles team with Greta Deutsch and together they had an 11-6 record.

Schu was able to get runs on three straight serves to get her separation from Coma. On her fourth service she had a run of five which included four smashes, two that were nine strokers. That pushed the score to 12-6. While Schu  made use of the power game, Coma garnered her points at the net with seven drops. She had her own run of four to close the gap to 12-11, three points in the run of five (counting the side out) came on drops. The first set was notable in that both players avoided giving away points. There were only five points on errors in that set. Coma put up a run of five early in the second set to go up 7-3. The smash game was not available often in the second set, so Schu made use of the clear. The Eagle scored on four clears in a run of six to take a 13-10 lead. Coma’s third run gave her the lead 14-13 for the last time in the match. Schu bounced back with a run of six and never relinquished the lead after that (19-14). Unlike the first set, errors were a bigger part of the second set with Coma doubling her totals to eight. Coma actually came out ahead on winners in that set 15-13.

On Saturday, Nelson beat Coma.

BY THE NUMBERS           SCHU             COMA
5/13-.385         4/14-.286
3+ RUNS 8                      6
SERVICE POINTS 29                    20
POINTS 42                    33
STROKES 193/42             172/33
Average: 4.60                 5.21
5+ RALLIES: 17                    18
2- RALLIES: 11                    4

WINNERS:                           30                    29

ACES                                      1                      2
BLOCKS                                1                      1
CLEARS                                7                      6
DRIVES                                 4                      3
DROPS                                   4                      9
SOFT DRIVES                      3                      4
SMASHES                             10                    3

ERRORS:                              4                      12

DEEP                                      0                      0
FAN                                        0                      0
NET                                        3                      8
WIDE                                     1                      4
SERVING                              0                      0

W:E RATIO 7.5                   2.42
MARGIN:                              4.5
SET  POINT %: 2/3-.667          
TIME:                                    17:46




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