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Pro Reports: McWilliams-Franklin makes Lynx return official

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basketballThe Sports Brain reports the confirmed return of Taj McWilliams-Franklin to the Minnesota Lynx, where she will play her 14th season in the WNBA.



Pro Reports: WNBA releases 2012 schedule, Lynx get four national telecasts

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basketballThe Sports Brain highlights the 2012 schedule for the Minnesota Lynx



Pro Reports: 2011: The Year in Twin Cities Sports

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basketballThe Sports Brain highlights college and professional teams in the Twin Cities area who took home national championships this season, including the first WNBA title for the Minnesota Lynx and the fifth consecutive NCAA Division II volleyball championship for Concordia University.



Pro Reports: WNBA Draft Prospects

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basketball2012 WNBA Draft Prospects: What To Look For From The Top 10 Prospects In The NCAA-----Swish Appeal

Pro Reports: WNBA pulls reverse in draft lottery

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basketballThe Sports Brain analyzes what the WNBA Draft Lottery results mean for the Minnesota Lynx, who received the third overall pick in the 2012 draft.



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