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Badminton State Bracket

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birdieHere is the Badminton State bracket with maps to the sites too.

Badminton State Tournament Seeds

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birdieHere are the seeds for the team portion of the badminton State Tournament.

MONDAY May 17---pig tail

Things get rolling on Monday with #17 Minneapolis Washburn at #16 Minneapolis Roosevelt at 4 pm. The winner of that match heads to St. Paul Johnson on Tuesday.

TUESDAY May 18---First Round & Quarters. First round 4 pm, Winners play Quarters at 5 pm

At #1 St. Paul Johnson: Winner of the pig tail game vs Johnson
#8 St. Paul Arlington vs #9 Burnsville

At #4 St. Paul Central: #13 Mpls South vs Central
#5 Eden Prairie vs #12 Mpls Southwest

At #3 St. Paul Como Park: #14 Hmong Academy vs Como Park
#6 St. Paul Highland Park vs #11 St. Paul Humboldt

At #2 St. Paul Harding: #15 Mpls Edison vs Harding
#7 Mpls Henry vs #10 Mpls North

WEDNESDAY May 19---Semifinals & Finals. Semis at 4 pm, Championship at 5 pm. All action at Burnsville.

There was one NON CON game last night

Eden Prairie beat Burnsville 5-2.




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Badminton Round Up: 5.12.2010

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birdieThe Final four is set for the St. Paul Conference:

In singles it will be an all Johnson affair in the top bracket as #1 Olamide Fadahunsi faces team mate Eh Khee Tut. In the bottom bracket #2 Ka Neng Vue of Como Park plays #3 Gao Thao of Harding.

In doubles it will be an all Harding match up in the bottom bracket with Mai Chang & Dao Lee taking on #2 seed Kim Her & Xai Yang. The top bracket features #1 Bao Vue & Alynda Her of Como Park against Kelly Thao and Mai Tong Yang.

Things should get rolling around 3 pm.


Badminton: Blaze blanked by team favorite to win state

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birdieThe Burnsville badminton team was no match for the team that looks to be the favorite to win the state title.

Unbeaten St. Paul Johnson didn't lose a game to the Blaze, rolling to a 7-0 home victory May 11. Burnsville dropped to its second straight match to fall to 6-9 on the season.

The Blaze will close out

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Badminton Round Up: 5.11.2010

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birdieNON CON

St. Paul Johnson beat Burnsville 7-0. I did an out & about on this match last night.

St. Paul Como Park beat  Minneapolis Southwest 6-1

1 Lisa Yin (SW) beat  Ka Neng Vue, 21-19, 17-21, 21-14
2 May Yang (CP) beat Sophie Breen  21-11, 21-8
3 Virginia  Godfrey (CP) beat Ashley Bielinski  21-12, 21-10
4 Ia (CP) beat Jocelyn Johnston 21-17, 21-9
1 Alynda Her/Bao Vue (CP) beat Bridget Johnson/Kaitlyn Adams 21-3, 21-7
2 Thuy Ahu Tran/Brenda Vang (CP) beat Kamaya Bogar/Kate Trautman 21-12, 21-6
3 Toua/Khou (CP) beat Natalie Steen/Bailey Adams 21-9, 21-6

Today the St. Paul City Conference tournament begins. It is a two day event. The final four will be decided in both singles and doubles today. Action starts at Highland Park around 3 pm.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 12 May 2010 09:38 )

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