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Badminton Poll 4.26.2010

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birdieBadminton Poll 4.26.2010
1. St. Paul Johnson
2. St. Paul Harding
3. St. Paul Como Park
4. St. Paul Central
5. Eden Prairie
6. St. Paul Highland Park
7.  St. Paul Arlington
8. Minneapolis Henry
9. St. Paul Humboldt
10. Burnsville
11. Minneapolis North
12. Minneapolis Southwest
13. Minneapolis South
14. Minneapolis Edison
15. Hmong Academy
16. Minneapolis Roosevelt
17. Minneapolis Washburn

1. Olamide Fadahunsi, St. Paul Johnson
2. Ka Neng Vue, St. Paul Como Park
3. Gao Thao, St. Paul Harding
4. Nicky Wade, Eden Prairie
5. Lisa Yin, Minneapolis Southwest

1. Bao Vue/Alynda Her, St. Paul Como Park
2. Da Chang/Doua Thao, St. Paul Central
3. Heather Blake/Samantha Klemp, Eden Prairie
4. Dao Lee/Xai Yang, St. Paul Harding
5.  Lin Thao/Amanda Xiong, St. Paul Johnson

Badminton Round Up: 4.23.2010

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Central beat Humboldt 7-0.

Como Park beat Highland Park 5-2. I did an out & about on this match last night.

Harding beat Arlington 6-1.


Badminton: Improvement doesn't show in Blaze scores, losses

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birdieThe Burnsville badminton was swept at its own triangular meet April 22, losing by 7-0 margins to both St. Paul Harding and Eden Prairie.

But Blaze coach Jim Limke said the Blaze is proving. It may not reflect in the team's 3-6 record, including getting blanked by Harding and Eden Prairie.

But Limke says the growth is there. "We're playing better, but the

Last Updated ( Saturday, 24 April 2010 07:51 ) Read more...

Badminton Round Up 4.22.2010

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Henry beat Edison 6-1.

South was at North....no word yet.

Roosevelt beat Washburn 4-3.


St. Paul Harding beat Burnsville 7-0. There is a partial out & about on this match. The rest will get up today.

St. Paul Harding beat Eden Prairie 5-2. There is a partial out & about on this match. The rest will get up today.

Eden Prairie beat Burnsville 7-0. There is a partial out & about on this match. The rest will get up today.

Last Updated ( Friday, 23 April 2010 22:40 )

Badminton Round Up: 4.21.2010

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North was at Washburn....no word

South was at Edison...no word

Southwest beat Roosevelt 6-1

1 Lisa Yin (SW) beat Marisol Rojas, 21-8, 21-2
2 Padao Yang (R) beat Ashley Bielinski 21-19, 15-21, 21-12
3 Sophie Breen (SW) beat Sophie, 22-20, 21-17
4 Rebecca Quinn Davis (SW) won by default
1 Bridget Johnson/Esme McGlasson (SW) beat Lech Lor/Monica Rojas 21-18, 21-8
2 Kamaya Bogar/Kate Trautman (SW) beat Martha/Dinna Areia, 21-15, 21-17 
3 Kaitlyn Adams/Ellen Kuhlman (SW) beat Adriana Trado/Mai Thao, 21-15, 15-21, 21-19


Harding beat Central 6-1.

Johnson beat Highland Park 6-1.

Como Park beat Arlington 7-0


Minneapolis Henry beat St. Paul Humboldt 4-3. I did an out & about on this last night.

Last Updated ( Saturday, 24 April 2010 15:02 )

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